Technology Center

Here at the Technology Center...

We are educating our customers on the ins and outs of the new Technologies that Lexus has to offer them. Everything from the voice command features to the eDstination will be at your finger tips. Whether you are a long time fan of Lexus or new to the brand you are welcome to come and learn more about these trend setting innovations.

Lexus Delivery Specialist

Lexus vehicles are built with a variety of amazing technologies and features. Every Lexus Delivery Specialist maintains a high degree of product and technology knowledge, including information about Lexus features, smart phone applications and available resources.

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The Lexus Delivery Specialist goal is to provide a "personalized" delivery of each Lexus vehicle, unique to each individual owner's needs. We maintain a commitment to ensure each owner receives a thorough explanation at the time of delivery about their Lexus vehicle's features and controls. Purchasing a new Lexus is an exciting time and we are here to deliver an exceptional Lexus experience with your beautiful new vehicle.

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Lexus Technology Specialist

The Lexus Technology Specialist is the dealership associate "expertly" trained to address Lexus vehicle technology questions. As vehicle technologies evolve so will we, by continuing to maintain a high degree of Lexus vehicle technology knowledge.

Available by e-mail, telephone, or in person, the Lexus Technology Specialist is there to make sure our Lexus owners get the most out of their Lexus vehicle.

The process of discovering the features and technologies on a Lexus begins from the moment of delivery and continues throughout the ownership experience. We hope that you will call on us whenever a question might arise. The Lexus Technology Specialist's primary goal is to assist you with resolving any questions you have regarding the technologies in your vehicle.

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