Ownership Protection Options


At Meade Lexus of Lakeside, it’s our mission to provide drivers near Utica with prestigious, luxury vehicles. From exemplary customer service to professional and world-class quality, we display our prominent levels of high standards on a daily basis to meet your expectations by selling the finest, most reputable Lexus vehicles ever built.

When you buy a new or used Lexus vehicle from us, we’re proud to give you the opportunity to take advantage of our luxurious suite of ownership protection options that will benefit you and your new vehicle. These protection options are designed to offer various levels of assistance to Lexus owners once they drive off the lot, ensuring that Meade Lexus of Lakeside has got you covered no matter where you go.


Enhanced Warranty – Although Lexus is proud to average the least warranty claims of any other car manufacturer, our vehicles are still machines. Any time you are working with heavy machinery, the inherent risk is always present and at the top of mind. So, to protect yourself in the event of a mechanical breakdown, we offer you with a variety of warranty options to help combat against any unfortunate occurrence.

Tire and Wheel Coverage – This is an excellent complement to your existing warranty and insurance as a Michigan driver. Tire and wheel coverage will repair – or in some cases replace – both your tire and wheel after any unfortunate or accidental damage as a result of hazards on the road, such as glass, potholes or loose nails.

Gap Insurance – In a detrimental case where you experience complete vehicle loss, your auto insurance provider may not supplement the entire balance of your remaining auto loan. The gap insurance plan ensures in this worst case scenario that you wouldn’t be responsible for any out of pocket expense at that particular time.

Environmental Protection – If you travel with young children or to other climates, then you’ll certainly benefit from this protection. This product will help protect your exterior panels from damages caused by weather induced fading and environmental perils, such as acid rain and tree sap, as well as protect your interior from any stains, rips, or fading.

Diamon-Fusion Windshield Protection – This product will help repel precipitation and glare from the sun to increase visibility when behind the wheel. Lexus uses a premium Military grade glass protection sealing solution that will seal your windshield securely and protect against any chips or cracks. In the event that you do need your windshield repaired or replaced, this protection has you covered.

Key Coverage – You can safeguard yourself with unlimited key replacements for less than the cost of one key in the event of damage or loss. This also provides you with car rental discounts should you need a vehicle while traveling.

Life Insurance – Should something happen to you, provide your beneficiary with the maximum level of flexibility by having your balance paid in full, allowing them to be able to use the car or sell it afterwards for a profit.

Disability Insurance – A fantastic supplement to your insurance coverages, this policy will pick up your monthly payments if you are to miss work for two weeks or more.


At Meade Lexus of Lakeside, we’re proud to offer our esteemed Lexus customers the opportunity to be protected against a wide variety of unexpected occurrences when they might need it most. For more information or to learn more about the ownership protection options, contact us online or feel free to stop by our show room and inquire to one of our dedicated staff members!